Unlocking Your Market Potential


Why you need our international services
We provide local support for international business expansion and overcome the barriers inherent in establishing a foothold in a foreign market.

US Business Services for Foreign Companies
We are ideally located in the Bay Area to provide sales and marketing representation for foreign companies wishing to get established in the US.

Overseas Business Development for US Companies
We support US companies with overseas expansion, aided by our partners and government agencies abroad.

International Trade and Investment
We can represent you in certain import/export initiatives and refer you to expertise in regulatory, trademark and patent issues, and also find you your ideal international investment partner.

Business Planning and Financing
We estimate your costs, including setting up operations in a new region, personnel, marketing and sales expenditures, and incorporating risk factors, we predict revenues, break-even points and profitability over time.

US-China Manufacturer Matching Conduit
Working closely with our partner in China, we have a specifc program for US-China partnering for industrial manufacturers. In the current economic environment, US manufacturing companies can benefit from foreign investment, partnerships and mergers with Chinese companies to facilitate international market entry and gain additional funding.

International Business Development Partners
Our International Partners provide representation for you in their countries.

Economic Development Agencies
Our range of services can augment the efforts of EDAs in both attracting investment to their regions and also in providing additional services to their domestic companies looking to expand in the US.

Cultural Adaptation and Localization
For a foreign market, your messages must resonate in a new cultural context. We adapt your positioning and localize your marketing materials so that your new audience gets the message first time.