Unlocking Your Market Potential

Cultural Adaptation
The Kemarra team and our partner network provide cultural expertise in international markets. This is not only at the linguistic level, but also focuses on doing one-on-one business with your foreign counterpart. People from other cultures see things in a different light, conduct business differently, and place emphasis on different interpersonal aspects. For foreign companies inbound to the US we assign personnel to your project who understand your culture, and for US companies expanding abroad our partners can represent you and unlock your market potential in their own home countries.

Localization of sales and marketing messages

Adapting your marketing and sales to a new target country is more than just language translation. The catch phrase is “market globally, sell locally” – determine the marketing strategy at the head office, but then customize it to accommodate local differences. For your international marketing we provide:

  • cultural adaptation - tailoring your approach and marketing messages
  • translation of marketing collateral
  • checking by locals to avoid cultural blunders

For software applications and websites we can provide expert services for implementing multi-language support and incorporating on-the-fly language change and international character sets.