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International Business Development Partners
Kemarra Inc. believes that being located in the San Francisco Bay Area and Silicon Valley provides crucial added value to the services that companies outside of this region need - a local presence that can provide the awareness of what it takes to be a success here, and the contacts and close proximity to cost effectively run targeted sales programs locally and provide ongoing support.

We rely on our international partners to provide that same capability in their own home markets. By establishing relationships with consulting companies abroad that mirror our services, we work as a global team and provide seamless support for our clients world-wide.

Australia - Our Australian partner has extensive experience in providing outsourced sales, business development, marketing, and technical support for high-tech companies entering Australia and is also well connected in the broader Asia Pacific region.

Chile - Kemarra Inc. has representation in Santiago, Chile. We represent Chilean companies who wish to enter the US markets and can facilitate entry into the Chilean and other Latin American markets for US companies, as Chile also provides a good springboard to the rest of South America.

China - Our partner in China, based in Shanghai, has a long history of providing a variety of business services for companies inbound to China and also is our liaison point for Chinese companies that we represent in the US.

Europe - Our pan-European partner is based in Belgium and has their own partnership network throughout Europe covering the high-tech sectors of life sciences, biotech, IT and telecommunications.

Japan - Our Japanese partner provides market entry services targeting the telecommunications sector and hi-tech markets. For companies with the right technology, our partner can provide the fast track to the distribution and OEM partnerships that will ensure your success in Japan.

Spain - Our Spanish partner covers market entry for telecoms companies into Spain.

Turkey - Our partner, based in Istanbul, assists companies in establishing a presence in Turkey in the high-tech sector as well as more traditional industries such as chemicals and plastics. They also specialize in inbound investment for foreign companies or entrepreneurs interested in opportunites in Turkey.

UK - Our partner in England provides market entry services in the UK for high-tech companies. The UK is often the favored country for US companies establishing a first presence in Europe due to a common language and business culture. There are, however, many obstacles still facing US companies in breaching the UK and other European markets, and getting experienced local representation is the best way to overcome those challenges.