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US-China Manufacturing Matching Conduit
In the current economic environment, US manufacturing companies can benefit from foreign investment, partnerships and mergers with Chinese companies to facilitate international market entry and gain additional funding.

Please also see our services outline in Chinese.

We work closely with our partner in China to provide matchmaking services in the following areas:

  • Chinese companies suppling US partners with components for cost reduction in the US manufacturing process
  • US companies acting as resellers of Chinese components in the US and worldwide
  • US companies providing expertise for Chinese partners to update their technical level
  • US companies gaining access to distibutors in the China market
  • Private equity placements - Chinese companies investing in US companies, and vice-versa
  • Mergers and Acquisitions - Chinese companies acquiring US companies, and vice-versa.

Specific services :

  • Initial match-making within specific manufacturing verticals
  • Maintaining communication during negociations with translation services
  • Credit profiling of Chinese companies using a Chinese government independent commercial supervising service as the investigating agent
  • Arrangement of in-person meetings - overseas business trip to China and the US for business delegations

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