Unlocking Your Market Potential

Establishing a foreign business in the US
The Kemarra team believes that establishing a presence and partnerships in Silicon Valley and the Bay Area is a milestone on the road to success for innovative companies from abroad. We have the experience to help companies define the optimal, cost effective strategy for their first steps into US. Our philosophy on the subject is outlined here in a short article on international business development.

We provide a full range of services for your initiative, as detailed on our services section, in particular marketing and sales. We can rapidly position your product and services within the current market place and competitive landscape, take care of cultural adaptation, and refine your positioning for a lean and agile spearhead into the optimal business vertical. We can help you forge partnerships and find distributors and primary customers. We use a structured methodology that results in highly qualified leads that we either bring to closing ourselves, or integrate your personnel in the sales cycle as appropriate.

We also have a list of preferred services providers that can work with you to provide legal, financial, HR, real estate and other corporate set-up services.