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CITD International Business Development Seminar Series

The Bay Area CITD is organizing a series of seminars which provides education and insights into various aspects of international trade, with the goal of aiding and encouraging businesses in the Bay Area with new and existing export initiatives. The seminar series is supported by the US Department of Commerce and the Small Business Association. Kemarra Inc. is assisting in recruiting speakers and Keith Rayner will be the panel moderator for some of the seminars.

California's Centers for International Trade Development (CITDs) are the state's top source of trade assistance. They are non-profit, funded by State Chancellor's office, with the goal of helping you succeed as an exporter or importer, promoting the state's international trade and competitiveness, and advancing California's economic and job growth. The centers provide customized export-import advice from experts, trade training and information at your fingertips.

The entire seminar series includes the following:

Tue May 25th 2004 - Doing Business in Latin America
Tue June 8th 2004 - Import/Export Documentation and Incoterms
Wed June 16th
2004 - Doing Business in Asia
Tue June 22nd 2004 - Export Financing and Payment Methods

Tue September 21st 2004 - Doing Business in Europe
Tue October 5th 2004 - Doing Business in Africa
Tue November 9th 2004 - Resources for International Trade Development
Tue November 30th 2004 - Intercultural Business Communication
Tue January 18th 2005 - International Business Relations

Individual seminars will consist of several presenters who will join as a panel to provide expert advice and insights into the topic for the day. The panelists are experts in their fields, and there will be a panel question and answer session following the presentations. In addition there will be adequate time for networking before and after the session.

Location: USDoC, 250 Montgomery Street, 14th floor, San Francisco CA 94104
Time 8:45 am - 1:00 pm

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