Unlocking Your Market Potential

We provide the key components of a broad marketing strategy and execution program. We can also provide our services as separate discrete components to supplement your own marketing initiatives. We offer:

Marketing Strategy
We align your key marketing components with your target audience - defining your differentiator, making sure that differentiator is important enough to get noticed by your customers, and establishing your credibility.

Product Marketing
Kemarra staff have in-depth experience with software and hardware and understand how to position high-tech products in the market place. Above all we ensure that the feature-function aspects support the leading business value statements.

Market Research & Competitive Analyses
The confidence and track record that you have with your product and services is a great start, but when breaking ground in a new area, your initiative has to be validated by market research and competitive analysis. We can undertake both secondary and primary research, and couple this with our competitive analyses.

Your brand should be one of your most valuable corporate assets. It represents your personality and trustworthiness - how clients like you, and trust you. We ensure that you develop a strong brand and that your marketing always supports this.

Marketing Communications and PR
We formalize clearly defined messages in marketing material to emphasize business value. We create in-depth whitepapers, focusing on supporting business value with technology. We get your company in front of a targeted audience by securing speakers spots and organizing seminars for you, and add PR to get you the most cost-effective press coverage for your new initiative.

Targeted advertising reinforces your brand and gets a direct response with sales inquiries. We ensure that your ad campaigns are cost-effective with the right creative message, frequency and reach to your target audience.

Event Management
Presenting your company to a qualified audience at an event with the appropriate theme is a very targeted and efficient way of generating business. For each format and scale of event we can define your agenda, and plan and manage your participation to get your company in front of your potential customers and business partners. View our event management services.