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German Stammtisch
The Stammtisch is ideal for those have a good level of competence in German, with an interested in international business, and who appreciate a relaxed social atmosphere where they can talk in German. This does of course include German nationals. There are other Stammtische in the Bay Area, which we also recommend, but with the Kemarra evenings, the topic of conversation would tend to be international affairs, and conversing in German would be expected. If you feel a bit intimidated by the German language we hope the ambiance of the restaurant and a glass of German beer or refreshing white wine will ease away your inhibitions and get the conversation flowing.

There are some German restaurants here in San Francisco that will surprise you with their authentic menus and range of German beers and wine. The location will change from time to time, so we hope this will be a way both to get better acquainted with your fellow Stammgaeste and also to explore another facet of cultural diversity here in San Francisco. Here's a few words on the Stammtisch in German.

For an invite to the next Stammtisch, please send an email to:

An email will be sent to you with the next date and location.

Other German Groups can be found on the German links page, and we also host a French Rendezvous.