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French Rendezvous
The Rendezvous evenings are ideal for people who are active in international business, have a good level of competence in French, and who would like a relaxed social atmosphere where they can talk in French. This does of course include French nationals. There are other French groups in the Bay Area, which we also recommend, but with the Kemarra evenings, the topic of conversation would tend to be international affairs, and conversing in French would be expected.

Here in San Francisco we won't have any problem finding an interesting French restaurant in town, as there is an excellent selection covering the entire spectrum of styles from small bistros to internationally acclaimed gourmet dining experiences. The location will change each time, so we hope this will be a way both to get better acquainted with our circle of colleagues and also to explore the City of San Francisco.

Please send an email to the address below – an email will be sent to you with the next date and location.

Other French interest groups in San Francsco can be found here on our French links page, and we also host a German Stammtisch.