Unlocking Your Market Potential

The internet is now defined by user generated content and social networking. Here's our reports and views on some recent developments:

Report on Digital Media Thought Leadership Seminar: Expert opinions on trends in convergence of broadcast TV and the internet, and the future of media, came from a range of current players in the field. Winning ingredients for the next success story were choice, personalization, and interestingly, the importance of your home town community.

Traditional corporations: collaboration, community, and maintaining the brand in a web 2.0 world: Some companies are born into the web 2.0 world, others are struggling with it. The traditional companies that embrace the new technologies to increase employee collaboration within the company, and succeed in increasing brand engagement with their customers in the broader world will be the winners.

Report on ad:tech 2009 in San Francisco: Marketers, publishers, creatives, and the technology folks need sit down together and plan a roadmap for the future.

Web 2.0 Report: The Power of Less with Web Squared: Tom O'Reilly's keynote at the March 2009 San Francisco Web 2.0 expo pointed the way to an intelligent web grid sensing the state of the planet, and all of us contributing to the collective intelligence to make the world a better place.