Unlocking Your Market Potential

Life Sciences Partnering Technologies
Kemarra Inc. provides business development services for foreign life science companies wishing to form partnerships and secure clients in the US. We are particularly interested in representing companies that can provide outsourced services such as:

  • cGMP manufacturing, fermentation and purification
  • DNA engineering, recombination and manipulation technologies
  • microbial strain and mammalian cell culture development
  • scalable development of antibodies with high affinity and specificity
  • tissue and target libraries
  • enhancement of the pharmacological or toxicological profile of a drug

We determine your business value for US customers in terms of:

  • specialized skills in research and manufacturing
  • quality, reliability and specificity
  • shorter project turnaround times
  • price competitiveness

We are based in San Francisco, covering Silicon Valley, the Bay Area, California and the broader US. We work closely with your company and can include your own personnel in the sales cycle at the appropriate point, and organize your visit to the US where you will be introduced personally to your prospective clients.