Unlocking Your Market Potential

Location Assessment
The assessment of a particular geographic location is a fundamental aspect that underlies the viabillity for overseas investment or corporate expansion overseas. Our assessments are based on a number of criteria such as the following:

General economic level, ease of doing business
• Current economic activity and future projections
• Exchange rate stability
• Political stability
• Development level of national and local infrastructure
• Level of corruption
• Cultural norms, business etiquette

Trade profile
• Existence of Free Trade Agreements
• Import/Export restrictions, tariffs

Financial profile
• Government incentives, e.g. loans, grants, tax deferrals and rebates
• Financial restrictions on repatriation of funds, FDI
• Ability to insure investment in the asset and risk coverage
• Existence of bilateral tax and social security agreements
• Historic profile of investments in that country/region/industry/asset

• Workforce availability, training and education levels
• Employment laws, social taxes
• Availability of subsidies for employment and employee training